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Your dollar is a powerful daily vote, and each purchase you make has a cost. A monetary cost, but also an earthly consequence - whether it is a positive or harmful impact is up to our choices. Choice is power.

Single use plastic awareness has grown greatly and many people have begun to pivot from plastic in their lives. Plastic lasts for centuries, which speaks volumes to how every gesture and decision we make has lasting impact.

Avoiding and eliminating plastic in our lives is an important facet to a cleaner solution, but in some cases it is beneficial to purchase plastic. The following companies and products are just a few that use design innovation to collect marine plastic waste and turn it into a usable, durable product while inherently bringing awareness + inspiration to a global problem.

Shop smart and adorn your home and lifestyle proudly with plastic. These companies are already utilizing an existing and abundant resource - plastic - to blend style with sustainability. These pieces of plastic have stories to tell.

Landfill Diversion - Homeware Conversion

Create an oasis of your own that supports the planet with these plastic-utilizing furniture companies.

Rugs: Stain Resistant. Easy upkeep. Made completely from plastic soda bottles? These two companies produce environmentally friendly rugs from 100% P.E.T.,  a polyester fiber made from recycled plastic soda bottles, with an unbelievably soft feel to it! Use all of these fresh + contemporary designs indoors or outdoors.

Aelfie, a boutique home goods company based in Brooklyn, delivers visual energy with  geometric, bold color patterns for their P.E.T. rugs.

For those with more of a natural + neutral aesthetic, FabHabitat has multiple choices of soft, %100 recycled soda bottles for you to use in your kitchen or on your deck.

Lighting: Shine with woven PET lamps developed by Spanish designer Alvaro Catalán de Ocón and artisans in Colombia, Chile and Ethiopia. Artisans weave industrial design + regional craft techniques together to address PET bottle pollution in rivers + oceans. All combine local fibers and traditional weaving techniques with recycled plastic.

Bedding: Rest easy knowing your cozy retreat is a sustainable snooze. This Nimbus duvet is crafted from fibers made from recycled plastic bottles. Sleep smart.

Planters: Go green and grow your plants in these modern indoor/outdoor planters.. Ecopots are a durable solution for growth that can withstand both UV rays and frost.

Furniture: Pricier product, but this Caribe line (by Ames) of chairs and tables designed by Sebastian Herkner merge the Colombian weaving technique, momposino,  with recycled plastic to create a bold outdoor-cafe-reminiscent collection.

Cabinet Knobs: The devil is in the details, right? Not in these sweet, plastic redemption details! Happily open your cabinets with these knobs available through Spark and Burnish knowing they are made from ocean plastic. An extra plus is they donate to Sea Shepherd and The Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

Seating: Born in 1950, Eames chairs have put their stamp on the design world over the years. Often referred to as the Eiffel chair, this molded plastic chair is made of recyclable polypropylene. Take a seat in sustainability.

Children: Hello old plastic milk jugs + yogurt cups! Fancy seeing you here… as a Truck? Teether? Tea set? Green Toys helps kids see how their recycling efforts can result in a tangible + meaningful impact. Hello future.

A similar minded company, ecoBirdy, is reshaping unused plastic children's toys into kiddo-sized furniture and lighting made from %100 plastic!

Clean Up: Method soap has recovered ocean plastic and post-consumer recycled plastic to make the world's first bottle made with ocean plastic. Clean your dishes + hands for a cleaner ocean with this biodegradable soap.

Redeemed Consumerism - Look Good + Feel Good in these Brands
Turning plastic threat into plastic thread.

Adidas + Parley for the Oceans spun a problem, plastic waste, into wearable and walkable fashion for men, women and children.

United by Blue utilizes recycled polyester to make bags, clothes and blankets. Who knew plastic water bottles could look so good.

Push your workout in a Shift to Nature crop top or leggings made from plastic water bottles!

Stretch your global impact and body while practicing on a Suga yoga mat. Repurposed wetsuits see a new life and avoid clogging landfills.

Whether you are active or lounging in your leggings, Teeki is providing you with a product made from %100 recycled plastic water bottles that are cut, sewn and dyed using only environmentally friendly methods. OMg.

Not only does Patagonia make a ton of clothes for men and women out of recycled polyester clothing, they also have a trade in program called Worn Wear where they repair, reuse and recycle clothes that are beyond repair. The very popular (for good reason) Nano Puff Jackets are among the products made from post-consumer recycled content and recycled polyester. Long live comfortable, warm and durable plastic-wear you can wear on your urban commute or at the top of Kilimanjaro.

Outdoor Voices uses post-consumer water bottles that are melted down, spun into soft thread and woven together to create their upcycled, lightweight + quick drying material for men and women’s workout gear.

Do you know any home or lifestyle brands that use recycled plastic in their products? Share them with us! 





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