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The answer is hemp.  Or so I thought.

We are always searching for ways to be better and do more, for the people that handmake our products, for the planet, and the communities we are a part of.  There is a baseline standard for sustainability in the materials used in Minda collections -- and we are continuously challenging ourselves to seek out even better options.  The Minda Pom Blanket is handwoven on a loom powered by foot pedal.  Zero emissions.  Can't get better than that!  Raw organic cotton is the fiber used in making the blankets, but cotton, even organic, uses alot of water.  We can do better!

Organic cotton requires about 70% less water than conventional cotton crops.  Hemp requires 50% less than that.  So we took a bunch of raw hemp fiber with us to Morocco and tested it out.

handwoven pom blanket

It had to be prepared for weaving first.  The fiber was combed by hand, and then spun into long thin strands (by foot pedal!).  



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