• Vegetable-tanned Leather: the most durable, earth-friendly material.

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    Vegetable tanned leather is the most durable, earth-friendly leather.  The process of vegetable-tanning is a primitive technique, dating back centuries, using only plant-based materials.  It’s time intensive and requires very skilled leather craftsmen.                                                                                                                                                                                  The result is beautiful natural leather, with one of a kind texture, that will last more than a lifetime. 

    Unlike other leather types and vegan leather alternatives, veg-tanned leather is non-toxic.  By using only earth-friendly materials like tree bark, vegetable leather tanneries provide a safe environment for workers at the tannery and for the surrounding communities.  The process of tanning leather does consume a lot of water, which ultimately makes its way through run-off to local rivers and lakes.  Chemically processed leather and vegan leather alternatives are incredibly harmful to the surrounding communities by polluting air and waterways.

    We partnered with a vegetable tannery in Morocco that considers environmental impact (and the conditions for their workers) with highest regard.



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