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Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Athletic Brands

1. United by Blue Arc Duffle  2. Adidas x Parley sneakers, legging 3. Teeki tank 4. Shift to Nature Atlas floating leggings  5. Patagonia Puff jacket,  backpack  6. Outdoor Voices shorts 7. Suga yoga mat


Whether going for a jog, riding your bike, or catching a yoga class, it’s no secret that moving your body is guaranteed to make you feel good. Athleisure and activewear brands are officially going green, encouraging consumers to not only look good and feel good, but to literally do good. Upcycled active wear made from plastic? Yes please! By purchasing from brands that utilize sustainable sourcing and production practices, you’re not only getting an endorphin boost, but you’re saving the planet. Talk about a win-win.


We’ve pulled together a list of our favorite Eco-Friendly athletic wear brands that are literally turning plastic threat into plastic thread:

1. Adidas + Parley for the Oceans took a serious look at our plastic waste problem and spun it into a solution. Check out their line of upcycled shoes and clothing.

2. Fellow Philadelphia natives United by Blue utilize recycled polyester to make fashionable bags, clothing and blankets. But the real kicker is for every product sold, they remove a pound of trash from our world’s oceans and waterways. They also host cleanups all over the US and encourage customers to join them- get involved here and show up with their 55L Arc Duffle Bag.

3. Shift to Nature sources brands committed to the use of natural organic fabrics and ethical trade practices for a thoughtful lifestyle. Boasting a wide variety of different brands, each line adheres to certifications in organic and fair production and continues to innovate to create beneficial change. Get ready to push your workout to the next level in a these Floating Alas leggings made from recycled PET polyester.

4. Stretch your body and global impact with the Suga yoga mat. Suga manufactures premium quality yoga mats in the USA from 100% recycled wetsuits. Pretty rad that repurposed wetsuits see a new life and avoid clogging landfills, right?

5. Whether you are getting active or simply lounging, Teeki provides a product made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles that are cut, sewn and dyed using only environmentally friendly methods. Plus, look how cute their New Moon Rainbow Lover Tank is! Need.

6. Patagonia is an OG leader in the world of activewear, proudly boasting a program called Worn Wear. Worn Wear keeps your gear in action longer through repair and reuse, and recycles your garments when they're beyond repair. That’s right, you can save and reuse by shopping used gear, or trade in your used gear at any Patagonia retail location and receive credit to put toward another new or used garment. Rock the Nano Puff Jacket and Chacabuck Backpack on your urban commute, or at the top of Kilimanjaro.

7. Outdoor Voices uses post-consumer water bottles that are melted down, spun into soft thread, and woven together to create workout gear that’s lightweight and quick drying. Their Relay Shorts are a personal favorite.


 Any eco-conscious athletic brands we’re missing? Tell us what you’re loving!


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