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Ever step into a store burning the yummiest smelling candles, but suddenly find yourself with a splitting headache? That’s likely because it’s chock full of synthetic chemicals like benzene and petroleum based paraffin. Studies at the University of Melbourne have shown that these substances can ultimately cause damage to the brain, lung, and central nervous system. Not only are those artificial chemicals toxic for us to breathe, but they’re often toxic for the environment as well. No thank you!

We kept this in mind when coming out with our latest line of Starry Night Candle blends. Minda is committed to working with the most natural materials possible, so each scent from the new collection is made with a blend of eco-friendly soy and coconut wax. And the scents themselves? They’re all made with naturally-derived essential oil fragrance. The latest collection includes 6 original scents, chock full of essential oil goodness.

We’re sharing a few of our favorite essential oil compounds you can find in the latest collection, and the super-power medicinal properties they bring:

Mint: In Greek mythology, mint is referred to as “the herb of hospitality”. Utilized as one of the earliest natural deodorizers, many blends of mint alleviate nausea, tension, pain, even bad breath. Inhaling mint is also known to trigger endorphins that produce a sense of calm. And perhaps best of all, mint is known to improve mental clarity and increase energy levels. Try breathing in some mint next time you’re looking to have that late-afternoon cup of coffee.

Ahhh, lemongrass. We love lemongrass. Not just for that intoxicating, earthy, deliciously zesty smell- but because lemongrass essential oil has known anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve a variety of ailments. Got muscle pain? An acne flare up? Overly greasy scalp from the changing of the seasons? A little love from lemongrass will likely help. Above all else though, its aroma is simply divine.

Sandalwood: Deep and intoxicating, sandalwood is one of those scents that can truly transport you. Close your eyes, take a breath, and suddenly you’re on an exotic beach halfway around the world. Commonly known for its warm and woodsy smell, sandalwood has traditionally been used for thousands of years as a disinfectant and diuretic. We love it most for its ability to induce relaxation and calm-- it truly sets the most vibey mood.

Any essential oil scents that you’d love to smell in our next candle collection? Let us know in the comments!

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    I love Lovespoon Candles, They are soy, hand poured and contain no toxins. MY favorites are Eucalyptus Mint and Day at the Spa, so relaxing :) They even have a Candle Club box so I can get my fix monthly

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