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I’ve always believed that a commitment to one’s own personal wellness will ultimately create space for greater good: More room for happiness, compassion, creativity, family, you get the idea. But in the non-stop hustle bustle of everyday life (laundry! car inspections! work presentations! scooping the cat litter!) it’s hard to practice self-care at all, let alone on a semi-regular basis.

I was introduced to a company last year called Saje Natural Wellness. (And by I was introduced, I mean their founder laid me out on the concrete floor in the middle of a jam-packed conference as she rubbed lotions & potions all over my face, while coworkers and strangers alike gazed on in wonder...needless to say I was pretty much sold.) They produce cruelty-free essential oil products that capture the healing power of nature, allowing their customers to feel and live better, naturally. Essential oils are concentrated plant energy found in the roots, stems, leaves and bark of plants. These powerful compounds literally protect plants, so it makes sense that they protect us as well. Whether it’s stress, insomnia, allergies, or an upset stomach, incorporating essential oils into your daily life will not only alleviate those ailments, but support your quest for personal wellness.

saje essential oils personal wellness self care

There’s a million different essential oils out there, but I am head over heels for Saje. Here’s a few of their oil blends I’m currently loving:

Peppermint Halo: If you suffer from chronic headaches like me (and don’t want to take 4 Advil a day) consider this product your new holy grail. It’s described as a “cooling and soothing oil blend for the head”, but I love to rub it on my neck and chest as well. Notes of Peppermint create a stimulating and cooling sensation, while lavender and rosemary evokes a sense of calm and relaxation. It’s truly a game changer! 

Fortify: Traveling often, I feel like I’m in constantly battling sickness. Enter Fortify. It’s classified as an antitussive, but I find that rolling it onto my chest, throat, and temples keeps me feeling clean and calm on crowded trains and airplanes. Roll it under your nose and you’ll be breathing clear in no time. The menthol makes you feel like you’re walking through the forest after a cool, cleansing rain. 

Stress Release:
Trouble sleeping? Feeling anxious? Take a whiff of Stress Release. Stress Release is comprised of lavender and roman chamomile, which both promote feelings of relaxation and peace due to their earthy, herbaceous notes.  I rub it on my pillow, between my hands, and even down my arms to breathe in the aromas. As soon as I breathe in that lavender, it’s like my brain knows it’s time to chill. To kick it up a notch, I add a few drops to my warm pre-bed bath.
Gutzy: Coined as a “soothing belly massage blend” Gutzy is the perfect solution to settling an upset stomach. Rub a ring around your belly button a few times and within minutes, you’ll literally feel the blend going to work from the inside out. It’s incredible! The blend has a licorice like smell as it’s made of fennel and peppermint, which is a divine scent to inhale if you’re feeling nauseous.

While I certainly can’t promise incorporating essential oils into your life will solve all your problems, they will definitely encourage you to stop and take a moment for yourself and to pause. Inhale. Breathe. That right there is self care. Here’s to hoping we can all find the space to practice self care and through it, love ourselves (and each other) just a little bit more.


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