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  • How To Stay Mindful (and Keep Your Cool) While Traveling

    We believe travel to not only be an incredibly exciting, but a vital part of being a wholesome, humble, chill human being. While traversing the globe is certainly thrilling, it can also take a toll on our bodies and minds: new faces and unfamiliar sights can distract us from the present. To help keep you grounded on your next big adventure, we’ve put together some of our top travel tips to dial up your mindfulness.

  • Why Using Essential Oil Candles Actually Matters

    Ever step into a store burning the yummiest smelling candles, but suddenly find yourself with a splitting headache? That’s likely because it’s chock full of synthetic chemicals like benzene and petroleum based paraffin. We kept this in mind when coming out with our latest line of Starry Night Candle blends. We’re sharing a few of our favorite essential oil compounds you can find in the latest collection, and the super-power medicinal properties they bring.

  • You'll Want To Eat This: Vegan Harvest Tomato Bisque

    Your last minute mid-week dinner just got gourmet: this vegan tomato bisque recipe is sweet, light, and can easily be spruced up with whatever other fresh veggies, herbs or grains/pastas you have on hand.