Remnant Patches - Iron On

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Mend. Love. Repeat.

Extend the life of your most loved denim, clothing, and accessories with these one of a kind patches.  Made from upcycled cotton with a backing ready to be ironed into place.  

The average consumer discards 85lb of clothing each year.  Mending your loved goods extends their life, diverting them from the land fill and bringing you more happiness :)

Made from upcycled remnant materials from production of Minda goods.
Each patch is made of 100% cotton and one of a kind. 
Shape and size vary.

Patches have iron-on backing ready for heat adhesion.

How To Use
1. Determine placement on your loved item, and cut to ideal shape/size if needed.
2. Remove paper backing (recyclable!) and place with iron-on backing face down.
3.  Apply heated iron (140 degrees recommended) to patch and hold for 15 seconds.  Check adhesion, and reapply heat as needed to form even bond.
4.  We recommend hand-stitching edges down for added durability.